The Whiffenpoofs

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The Whiffenpoofs
Band Name: The Yale Wiffenpoofs
Official Website: Band Website
Origin: Yale University, Connecticut, USA
Year Formed: 1909
Band Members: read review
Genres: Acappella

Acappella Week, Day 7






The Rundown
:  It would be a massive insult to Acappella to have a week featuring the music and not mention The Whiffenpoofs.  All other Acappella groups turn to The Whiffenpoofs for guidance, as they are Acappella.  Formed in 1909, The Whiffenpoofs are the oldest collegiate Acappella group in the United States.  Massively popular, The Whiffenpoofs have performed at many high-profile locations including Lincoln Center, the White House, the Salt Lake Tabernacle, Oakland Coliseum, Carnegie Hall and the Rose Bowl.

In addition to appearing and performing for well-known and important guests at various venues, The Whiffenpoofs have also appeared on television shows such as Jeopardy!, The Today Show, Saturday Night Live, 60 Minutes, Gilmore Girls (Richard Gilmore was a Whiffenpoof), and The West Wing.  In December 2010, the group appeared on The Singoff.

The current lineup:
Michael “Tick, Tick, KA” Blume, Mitchel “The Good, the Bad, and the O”Kawash, Alex “I haven’t told the punchline, so don’a la” Fayette, David “Kwik-E” Martinez, Ker “Metrutho or” Medero, Jeremy “Thus Saith the” Lloyd,
Eli “Me hemorrhoids make me bu”Mitchell-Larson, Jack “Barack” O’Reilly, Alexander “Popocatepetl” Oki, Raphael “Make the Beer-o Di” Shapiro, Pat “Kanga” Rutan, Eliot “Little Miss Sum” Shimer, Benjamin “Pitchpipe” Watsky,
John “Beer Ye, Beer” Yi.

When you hear the word Acappella, you should first think of The Whiffenpoofs.  With more than a century of history and tradition The Whiffenpoofs continue to impress with their amazing vocals, sharp timing, and sophisticated look. salutes The Yale Whiffenpoofs for their skill and longevity.


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Where They Are From

Yale University, 241 Elm St, New Haven, CT 06511-8945, USA

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