The Virginia Gentlemen

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The Virginia Gentlemen
Band Name: The Viginia Gentlemen
Official Website: Band Website
Origin: Viginia, USA
Year Formed: 1953
Band Members: read review
Genres: Acappella

 Acappella Week, Day 4







The Rundown: The Virginia Gentlemen are the oldest Acappella group to come out of the University of Virginia.  Founded in 1953 as a branch-off of the Virginia Glee Club, the group of signers now travel internationally and are well-known for their blue jacket and orange and blue bow ties.

The current Gentlemen Lineup includes:
Wayne Dell, John Anderson, Hoyt Whelchel, Andrew Fish, Collin Peterson, Tylor Morton, Jordan Lofaro, Simon Svirnovskly, Jacob Lyon, John Dreyzenhner, River Bennett, Logan Cochran, Paul Sukenik, Yohan Hong, Struan Shields, Joe Fackler, and Andy Grindstaff.

The Virginia Gentlemen are an all male group.  Personally, I think Acappella groups that are strictly male or strictly female are doing themselves a great disservice.  Regardless, The Virginia Gentlemen sound really, really good. likey.

Please note, some of the accompanying videos have a lesser audio quality than I would prefer.

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