SoCal VoCals

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SoCal VoCals
Band Name: The SoCals
Official Website: Band Website
Origin: Los Angeles, California, USA
Year Formed: 1996
Band Members: read review
Genres: Acappella

 Acappella Week, Day 3

The Rundown:  Another Acappella group who appeared on The Singoff, The SoCal VoCals, from the University of Southern California, got started in 1996 as the first of seven Acapella groups to come out of the University of Southern Callifornia.

In 2008 The SoCals were crowned Acappella Grand Champions while competing at the New York City Lincoln Center in the International Championship of Collegiate Acappella.  In 2010 The SoCals returned to the New York City Lincoln Center and found themselves Grand Champions once again, becoming one of only two groups to ever achieve that distinction.

2010 was a big year for The SoCals as they, along with six alumni, competed on the TV show The Singoff.  The SoCals cover a wide range of music, from 60s and 70s classics to today’s Pop hits and everything in between.

The current members include: 
Lexie Lowell, Mandy Mamlet, Lauren Scott, Katie Sims, Nikki Segal, Tory Stolper, Sean Flanagan, Thomas Henry, Richard Mattox, Segun Oluwadele, Jeff Sontag, James Gilson, Alex Hamm, Scott Hoying, Peter Mitchell, Will Goldman, Gabriel Leung, and Adam Peterson. (click here to see their pretty pictures and read a short bio on each member) suggests you check out The SoCal VoCals.  Amazing voices, perfect harmony, music to your ears.


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