Band Info
Band Name: Rockapella
Official Website: Band Website
Origin: New York, USA
Year Formed: 1986
Band Members: Scott Leonard, Jeff Thacher, George Baldi III, John K. Brown, Steven Dorian
Genres: Acappella

Acappella Week, Day 1

Me and Acappella go way back.  Not that I was ever in an Acappella group, but I do remember the first time I realized how amazing Acappella was.

Perhaps you remember a little show called, “Where in the World is Carmen San Diego“?  If not, you’re probably too young or not cool enough.  The only reason I know my geography is because of that show.

In any event, that show had a pretty snazzy-cool theme song that was created and performed by Rockapella.

Thus my love-affair with Acappella began in earnest.  Hopefully yours has already begun, and if not, hopefully can help you realize how amazing Acappella can be.

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