#*&!!% MTV!

Well, if you are a regular reader here at MarsBands.com, you may have read my article last week on my feelings on the Occupy Wall Street stuff going on in the USA.  I said that I was kind of on the fence about it, not really sure if it was beneficial to its cause or harmful.  Well, MTV just answered my question.

Apparently MTV is turning the protests into a new reality TV show called “True Life: I’m Occupying Wall Street”.  If you have sensitive eyes or don’t appreciate profanity as much as I do, skip this next part of the article and pick up at the next paragraph.  Fuck you, MTV, fuck you right in the ear for taking an important issue and moment in this nation’s history and turning it into another corporate-controlled, goddamned reality TV show, you bunch of dirty rat bastards.

So there it is.  Everything that is wrong with this country all summed up into two words – Reality Television.  MTV doing this turns the entire protest into a corporate sell-out.  That’s the exact thing Occupy Wall Street is against.  We can only hope the protesters are as angry as I am with MTV and will make filming the show all but impossible.  MTV, you just made the list.  You are officially a mortal enemy of MarsBands.com.

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