R.I.P. Napster

Best Buy, who paid $121 million for Napster in 2008, is now selling the felonious file-sharing network to Rhapsody.  The deal is expected to be finalized in November.  And when that final day comes, Napster will be no more.  According to an unnamed source speaking to Digital Music News, “Most likely they’re using [the] Rhapsody [name] going forward”.

Ahh yes, Napster.  The biggest, loudest, and ultimately most successful middle finger the “little man” has ever given to the big record companies.  Now, obviously, when I say “successful” I don’t mean financially.  Napster was bound for failure.  But what they started opened the door for millions upon millions of people to get free music.  They showed people that there was a way to bypass the inflated prices of corporate greed.

And once Napster was shut down, others sprung up from the depths of the internet to take its place.  Things have never been the same since.  Now, we at MarsBands.com do not condone such behavior as stealing mp3s, but who doesn’t like cheering for the underdog every now and then?  After all, if it weren’t for Napster, I might be one of those Metallica fans.  *shudders*

So, this Thanksgiving when you are sitting around the table giving thanks for whatever crap it is that makes you jolly, be sure to take some time to thank Napster for everything they did.

[Sidenote: According to our Canadian sources, this Sunday/Monday is the Canadian Thanksgiving when “everyone gives thanks for the Canucks”.  I assume you can also give thanks to the Leafs, Senators, Flames, Oilers, Canadiens, and the new/old Jets (or hockey in general).  From MarsBands.com, Happy Early Thanksgiving to all our Canadian readers!]

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