Band Info
Band Name: Nunatak
Official Website: Band Website
Origin: Antarctica
Year Formed: 2006
Band Members: Matt Balmer, Tris Thorne, Allison Massey, Rob Webster, Roger Stilwell
Genres: Folk, Indie Rock







The Rundown:  Nunatak is a band that is based in Antarctica.  They are part of the British Antarctic Survey’s Rothera Research Station.  When they aren’t busy rockin’ out, they are conducting scientific experiments and investigating climate change and evolutionary biology on the Antarctic Peninsula.  Formed in 2006, Nunatak is made up of Matt Balmer (lead vocals, guitar), Tris Thorne (violin), Allison Massey (saxophone), Rob Webster (drums), and Roger Stilwell (bass guitar).

Nunatak hit it big when they played in front of a sell-out crowd of 17 people (the entire population of the Rothera Research Station) and took part in the Live Earth Antarctica concert in July of 2007.  All kidding aside, this is a pretty awesome band.  Which only goes to show, no matter where you are, good music is out there.

Nunatak has a sound that, in some songs, is almost jazz-lounge kind of music. The sad part in all of this is that there are only two songs on YouTube that I could find to share with you.  Those two songs are “Would You Do it All Again” and “How Many People“.  And in case you were wondering, the average annual temperature of the interior of Antarctica is -57°C (-70°F) (the costal regions can be a balmy 2°C (36°F) in the summer).  So applauds the dedication it takes to shoot a music video in that kind of cold with no gloves/fingerless-gloves on.  Check out Nunatak and care about our climate!

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Other Songs to Check Out

  • How Many People

Where They Are From

Rothera Research Station, Antarctica

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