Band Info
Band Name: Switches
Official Website: Band Website
Origin: London/Brighton, England
Year Formed: 2005-2008
Band Members: Matt Bishop, Ollie Thomas, Thom Kirkpatrick, Steve Godfrey
Genres: Indie Punk, Indie Rock






The Rundown:  Switches was a band from Guildford, England.  Starting in 2005 and lasting until just 2008, the band released an EP, “Message from Yuz“, in 2006 and two albums, “Heart Tuned to D.E.A.D.” (2007) and “Lay Down the Law” (2008).  The band was comprised of Matt Bishop (lead vocals/guitar), Ollie Thomas (guitar), Thom Kirkpatrick (bass), and Steve Godfrey (drums).  In 2008 Switches broke up and founding memebers Matt Bishop and Ollie Thomas created another band called Flash Fiktion.

The origins of the band start in Guildford, Surrey, England.  In early 2008 original members Max Tite and James Gardiner were replaced with Thom Kirkpatrick and Steve Godfrey.  Switches toured throughout the U.S. in the same year, but were unable to garner much attention.  Their song, “Law Down the Law” was used in the movie Jumper, though it did not show up on the soundtrack album.

Switches have a sound that is a mix of Pop, Rock, and Indie.  Often times the guitar has a sharp, harsh sound which is offset beautifully by some excellent vocal harmony.  The vocals of Matt Bishop sound vaguely familiar to that of other singers, though, I can’t actually pinpoint it.  It’s really unfortunate that this band couldn’t last, as they have a very nice vibe about their music.  MarsBands.com thinks you need to check out Switches, even if they aren’t a band anymore. 


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Other Songs to Check Out

  • Give Up the Ghost
  • Lay Down the Law

Where They Are From

Guildford, UK


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