Kaki King

Band Info
Band Name: Kaki King
Official Website: Band Website
Origin: Atlanta, Georgia
Year Formed: 2001
Band Members: Katherine Elizabeth King
Genres: Acoustic, Folk, Instrumental









The Rundown:  Kaki King is an instrumental/jazz project of Katherine Elizabeth King.  Started in 2001, Kaki King has released five albums and three EPs: “Everybody Loves You” (2003), “Legs to Make Us Longer” (2004), “…Until We Felt Red” (2006), “Day Sleeper” (Australian tour EP, 2007), “Dreaming of Revenge” (2008), “Black Pear Tree” (EP, 2008), “Mexican Teenagers” (EP, 2009), and

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Junior” (2010).

Kaki King encompasses many genres ranging from Instrumental to Rock to Jazz and everything in-between.  And it’s hard to pinpoint just one thing to like the most about Katherine, as she is so incredibly talented at so many different things.  Want someone who has a great, soft voice that can range all over the scales?  Check.  How about someone who is insanely talented at guitar?  Check.  Katherine has a keen knowledge of musical theory which is strongly evident in nearly every single one of her songs.

Listening to one of Katherine’s songs is amazing, but you are truly astounded once you actually see her perform.  It boggles the mind how anyone would be able to play guitar so well.  You tell me who you think the best guitarist is from any band you can think of, I bet you Katherine Elizabeth King is better.

Her songs are poetic, even the ones without lyrics.  The way her songs are composed and they way they flow are astoundingly clever and brilliant.  If you are looking for some great music to just sit back and relax to, Kaki King is definitely the right choice for you, which is why MarsBands.com urges you to check out Katherine’s amazing talents.  Not only are we impressed with her music, we are amazed at her creative expertise. 

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