This Could Screw With Your Next Scrabble Game

Imagine this scenario unfolding:

You’re playing Scrabble and you happen to get lucky enough to put down the word “cassette tape”.  Wow, you just scored mega-points, right?  Well, only if you’re playing with someone who knows what a cassette tape is.  Otherwise, you might have to go to the dictionary and prove it’s a real word, and, uh-oh, it’s not in there.  Can you imagine the chaos in such a world?

That day isn’t far off according to Jesse Sheidlower, an editor for the Oxford English Dictionary.   Jesse told USA Today that “cassette tape” is leaving the dictionary because it’s “so past its prime”.  Well, we’ll remember that when you get a little older, Jesse.  The word cassette tape, however, will stay in the unabridged version of the Oxford huge book of words.  Just like vinyl records went the way of the dinosaur, so too are cassette tapes.  Or are they?

In a riveting 6 sentence… article (?) on, “sales of existing cassettes are up 46 percent”.  They didn’t mention, however, if that was 46% year over year, month over month, or even day over day.  And at the risk of giving you the entire article, apparently “many buyers still have cassette players in their cars”.  Which means these cassette buyers are driving really, really old cars.  I call bullshit.


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