Good Luck

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Good Luck
Band Name: Good Luck
Official Website: Band Website
Origin: Bloomington, Indiana, USA
Year Formed: 2007
Band Members: Ginger Alford (Bass, Vocals) Matt Tobey (Guitar, Piano, Clarinet, Vocals) Mike Harping (Drums, Saxophone)
Genres: Indie, Indie Pop, Indie Punk






Good Luck is an Indie Pop/Punk band from Bloomington, Indiana and is made up of Ginger Alford (Bass, Vocals) Matt Tobey (Guitar, Piano, Clarinet, Vocals) and Mike Harping (Drums, Saxophone).  The band formed in 2007 and has released one full length album, “Into Lake Griffy” in 2008 and an EP, “Demonstration“, released in 2010.  More detailed and specific information about this band is hard to come by, so you’ll pretty much have to live with my review about the band and not a lot of those darn “facts”.

From what I have gathered, Ginger and Matt tend to switch back and forth with the lead vocal title.  And honestly, it doesn’t matter which one is singing, the music that this band makes rocks out.  Their music tends to be rather quick paced, Poppy, and quite catchy.  Additionally, they all sound as though they are amazing at the instruments that they play.  The music isn’t really “hard”, though sometimes it does get distorted and perhaps fuzzed.  A highly trebled electric guitar is a mainstay in their music.  I wouldnt’ call their music quiet or subdued either, however.  It is that perfect middle ground that every band wants to obtain, but few seldom can.

I am a pretty big fan of “Into Lake Griffy“, specifically songs like “Stars Were Exploding” (even though I wish it was a longer song), “Come Home”, and “Man on Fire”.  It is so much fun to listen to music that is made well, and Good Luck is extremely well done. thinks you’ll like Good Luck.  There is enough Indie, Pop, Punk and even Rock for fans of each genre to be quite pleased.  *Sidenote* If anyone has any further details about the band, lemme hear them.

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