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Wasn’t a fan of Maroon 5 – until now.

Since when are two-year-olds buying anything?

Rick Ross’ seizure is from overworking?  Nah.  My money’s on ketoacidosis.

The creepy-looking Bon Jovi opens charity restaurant.  Work for your meals.

Who’s going to listen to this Garbage?

File this one under “WTF“.

Some people think Evanescence are still relevant.  Ha ha.  And I hate Adele, but if she’s been sent here to take down Lady Gaga, so be it.

For realz?  A dramatic re-enactment of a Propofol overdose?  Ugh, just, ugh.

Over/Under on Lohan actually serving jailtime this time?

The Blair Witch… I mean, Paranormal Activity 3 has to entice people with free iPods just to get them to watch a 3rd version of the first movie that never should have been made.

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