Band Info
Band Name: [spunge]
Official Website: Band Website
Origin: Tewkesbury, England
Year Formed: 1997
Band Members: Alex Copeland, Damon Robins, Chris Murphy, Jeremy King
Genres: Punk, Ska







The Rundown:  Representing the Ska Punk subset of Tewkesbury, England, Spunge has been going strong since 1997.  Spunge has been on tour or played with notable bands such as Greenday, Audioslave, NOFX and Dropkick Murphy’s.  They have released five studio albums: “Pedigree Chump” (1999), “Room for Abuse” (2000), “The Story So Far” (2002), “That Should Cover It!” (2004), and “Spunge” (2007).

Made up of vocalist Alex Copeland, guitarist Damon Robins, bassist Chris Murphy, and drummer Jeremy King, Spunge has a bunch of great songs.  Even though I am quite fond of Ska music, I think I speak objectively when I say these guys make some pretty awesome tunes.  Some of their best songs are “Kicking Pigeons“, “Jump on Demand“, “Why Me“, “Some Suck, Some Rock“, and “Get Along“.  If you aren’t sure what Ska sounds like, think of Sublime, Goldfinger, Reel Big Fish… early Mighty Mighty Boss Tones – only now think of those bands being from England.  Ska is great when done right, and Spunge does it right.

If Ska is your thing, then MarsBands.com strongly suggests that you check out Spunge.  Their music flows wonderfully and has a great beat.  Don’t pass these guys up.




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Other Songs to Check Out

  • Kicking Pigeons
  • Jump on Demand
  • Why Me
  • One More Go
  • Some Suck Some Rock
  • Get Along

Where They Are From

Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire GL20, UK

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