Band Info
Band Name: Sarge
Official Website:
Origin: Champaign, Illinois, United States
Year Formed: 1996 [ended in 2000]
Band Members: Elizabeth Elmore, Chad Romanski, Rachel Switzky
Genres: Indie Rock, Punk







The Rundown:  This Champaign, Illinois band, unfortunately, didn’t last very long.  Made up of  Elizabeth Elmore, Rachel Switzky, and Chad Romanski.  Short lived but full of good songs, Sarge got started in 1996 and lasted until 2000.  During that time the band was able to release two albums, with a third coming shortly after the band’s demise, on the Mud Records label.  Sarge’s debut album, “Charcoal” was released in 1996 which was followed up with “The Glass Intact” (which sold nearly 20,000 copies) in 1998.  The third album came out in 2000 and was entitled “Distant“.

Sarge seems to be a quite secretive band, either that or really, really unknown.  While the band did tour throughout the United States, their short-lived nature kept people from ever really discovering them.  Sarge has a really good sound, being a mix of Rock and Punk.  The fast, scratchy guitars and quick drum beats make their songs upbeat and catchy.  Some of their better songs include “Fast Girls“, “Dear Josie, Love Robyn“, and “I Took You Driving“. pays homage to this once great band, as should you.







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Other Songs to Check Out

  • Fast Girls
  • Dear Josie Love Robyn

Where They Are From

Champaign, IL, USA

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