Sarah Blasko

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Sarah Blasko
Band Name: Sarah Blasko
Official Website: Band Website
Origin: Sydney, New South, Wales
Year Formed: 1995
Band Members:
Genres: Folk, Indie, Indie Pop








The Rundown:  From the Land Down Under, Sarah Blasko has a voice that is smooth as silk, and quite unique.  Sarah Blasko is from Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.  Her voice is soft and soothing but her music is loud and strong.  A mix of Indie Rock and Pop, she has made more than a few people take note of her.  While she officially started her musical career in 1995, it wasn’t until 2004 that she came out with her first official studio album, “The Overture & the Underscore” which peaked at #35 on the Australian Music Charts.  She followed up her debut album two years later with “What the Sea Wants, the Sea Will Have“.  The album garnered much fanfare, as the album peaked at the #7 spot on the Australian Music Charts.

In 2009 Sarah Blasko released her third album, As Day Follows Night“, which peaked at #5 on the charts.  Most recently, Sarah released “Seeker Lover Keeper” in 2011 which has peaked at #3 on the Australian Music Charts.  Obviously the people of Australia are quite fond of her, although sadly, the further she strays from her home, the less people know her.

Sarah Blasko is a great live performer.  Perhaps she’s not as eccentric as some other live performers, but her pure talent makes up for the lack of stage presence.  This lady can sing, and she does so while making it look completely effortless.  Plus, who doesn’t like a nice Australian accent?  I’m having a hard time to say which song I like the most, because I really like her song “We Won’t Run“, but I also really like a lot of her live stuff, where a camera just seems to follow her around and she starts singing.

Bird on a Wire” is a great slow beat, jazzy song.  “Always On This Line” is another great song, as is “All I Want”.  It’s too hard for me to choose, so I will just recommend that you watch and listen to all of them, as they are all quite good and worthy of your ears. thinks Sarah Blasko is incredibly talented.  You need to check her out.


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Other Songs to Check Out

  • Bird on a Wire
  • Always On This Line
  • Hey Ya!
  • Night and Day
  • All I Want

Where They Are From

Sydney NSW, Australia

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