Dark Dark Dark

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Dark Dark Dark
Band Name: Dark Dark Dark
Official Website: Band Website
Origin: Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States
Year Formed: 2006
Band Members: Nona Marie Invie, Marshall LaCount, Todd Chandler, Jonathan Kaiser, Walt McClements, Brett Bullion, Adam Wozniak, Mark Trecka
Genres: Folk, Indie

Nona Marie Invie








The Rundown:  Dark Dark Dark, a Minneapolis, Minnesota Folk band formed in 2006, is made up of Nona Marie Invie (vocals, piano, accordion), Marshall LaCount (banjo, clarinet, vocals), Todd Chandler (upright bass, backing vocals), Jonathan Kaiser (cello, guitar, backing vocals), Walt McClements, Brett Bullion, Adam Wozniak, and Mark Trecka.  Dark Dark Dark has released two studio albums: “The Snow Magic” (2008) and “Wild Go” (2010).

Dark Dark Dark is an incredibly deep band, where many of the members play more than one instrument and have more than just a single “job”.  They are a poetic band, a treat not only for the ears but also the eyes as a performance from them is also, in ways, an art show.  Dark Dark Dark provide their audience with a masterpiece in harmony, both lyrically and through their instruments.  The sheer number of different instruments that they can use to accompany the lyrical genius of Nona Marie Invie is astounding, and their mastering of each instrument is impressive as well.

I’m a sucker for bands with accordions and violins, as well as lady singers.  Dark Dark Dark gives me everything I could want all in one band.  The vocals of Nona Marie Invie are powerful, haunting, and at times can break your heart.  She has a truly amazing voice.  Some of the best songs by Dark Dark Dark are “Daydreaming“, “Nobody Knows“, “In Your Dreams“, and “Flood“.  MarsBands.com is a fan of harmony and a vast array of instruments, which is why we are big fans of Dark Dark Dark. 

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Other Songs to Check Out

  • Nobody Knows
  • Daydreaming
  • Flood

Where They Are From

Minneapolis, MN, USA

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