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Beth Bombara EP Review Eight Feet Deep, Black Vendetta, Tony Levitas, KARMA, E Lafuentes, Monks of Mellonwah, Marla Mase Sittin’ Idol


MarsMadness Update

MarsMadness, though somewhat delayed this year, will still be happening! Rest assured, we are constantly working on it in the background. Currently we are searching for sponsors so we can offer the MarsMadness Champion a prize package. If you know anyone who’d want to sponsor our event in exchange for a lot of online publicity/advertising, send them our way! We are tentatively aiming for MarsMadness to begin in October to line up with our second anniversary! That’s right, two full years of MarsBands!

This year instead of having just 16 bands and musicians in MarsMadness, we’re looking to bump that up significantly to around 64 (perhaps even more if there’s demand). There will be a few restrictions as to which bands and musicians can actually participate, however (let’s face it – it hardly seems fair for a band with a couple hundred Facebook fans and Twitter followers to matchup against a band with 6,000 Facebook fans and 8,000 Twitter followers).

More details will be available once we have everything set up and ready to go.
For now, just know that MarsMadness is happening this year! Get excited!


New Music from Sleepy Kitty!

A little birdy told me that St. Louis duo, Paige Brubeck and Evan Sult (a.k.a. Sleepy Kitty.), are gearing up for their album release on August 27th! The album is titled “Projection Room” and will be released on the Euclid Records label.

Projection Room will be the first release since the duo released their single “Don’t You Start” in August of last year. As soon as the new album is released we’ll be doing a review, so keep an eye out for that!


Damaged Goods and Raise Your Flag – Out Now!

Have you checked out the new music from Barley Station or Beth Bombara yet? Barley Station released their album, Damaged Goods, in June and it has been met with some very good reviews! Though if you’ve listened to Barley Station before, that shouldn’t be much of a surprise.

The follow-up to their critically acclaimed album, “After All”, Damaged Goods is yet another brilliant combination of Folk, Rock, and Country bundled up into a collection of finely crafted music and wordplay. Give it a listen!

And Beth Bombara released her EP, Raise Your Flag in June as well. Beth continues to amaze people with her music, as she was even featured on KSDK News Channel 5!

And to top it all off, she played for nearly 10,000 people at the Missouri Botanical Garden in July! 10,000 people!! That’s a lot of people – and it couldn’t have happened to a more deserving musician.

Also, just saw a teaser image of the vinyl version of Beth’s album. Three cheers for LPs making a comeback!

CATFIGHT to release debut EP!

CATFIGHT is gearing up for their self-titled EP release by offically setting a date! Expect their debut EP to be released on September 10th on Little Heart Records. Mark your calendars and be prepared to be Rocked!

I belive the tracks to be included on the EP are Katie, Queen of Deception, Romero, W.G.A.F., and Call Me a Bitch. I could be wrong about that, but unless and until I hear otherwise, take that as a fact.

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