Band Info
Band Name: Sweater
Official Website: Band Website
Origin: Kansas City, MO, USA
Year Formed:
Band Members: Kay Armanousa (Guitar/Vocal), Phil Nafi (Drums), Vermez (Guitars), Mysterion (Bass)
Genres: Alternative, Indie, Rock






 Sweater Background Info

Sweater’s music is a composition of Bitter-Sweet Lyrics, Grungy Riffs, Punchy Beats, 11 shots of Vodka and and a Twist of Lemon. (via Sweater on Facebook)

MarsBands Review

If you’ve ever heard Tsunami Bomb or The Action Design, you’ve likely heard Emily Whitehurst (or Agent M, as she’s commonly referred to) sing.  Heck, if you’ve read some of the reviews from Mars you’ve probably at least seen her name quite often.  Sweater doesn’t quite offer up the fast-paced music that Tsunami Bomb did, but the vocal similarities between Sweater’s lead singer Kay Armanousa and Agent M are undeniable.  They both can be quite loud when they deem it necessary (and not obnoxious loud, the good loud), both tend to sometimes have a little squeak to their voice, and they both tend to hold notes the same.  Now, after saying all that, Kay, while similar to Emily, is her own unique voice which is perfectly suited for the type of music Sweater blasts out at you.

Perhaps you aren’t concerned with labels, and perhaps neither is Sweater, but I like them.  And if someone I was talking with labeled Sweater as Punk, I wouldn’t disagree at bit.  Sweater certainly has bits of Punk running throughout their music in songs like Very Well, Thanx! and Real Shit, both in the sound of the songs and the tone and lyrics.  I mean really, you can call yourself Punk, but if you don’t have that Punk attitude, it means nothing.  Sweater has that Punk attitude and it is wonderful.

If you are in the mood for some good music, I suggest you treat your ears to Sweater.  My favorite songs were Very Well, Thanx! and Real Shit.  Also a very big fan of Plenty Of You and Stephanie, which you may now listen to via SoundCloud.  Yes, it is actually a couple songs of many that were/are being withheld by Miss Armanousa.  Fortunately, I was able to convince her to release some of them so music lovers can enjoy them!  Hooray!

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Where They Are From

Kansas City, MO, USA

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