The Beautiful Bodies

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The Beautiful Bodies
Band Name: The Beautiful Bodies
Official Website: Band Website
Origin: Kansas City, MO
Year Formed:
Band Members: Alicia Solombrino (Vocals), Luis Arana (Bass), Aaron Crawford (Drums), Thomas Becker (Guitar)
Genres: Alternative, Pop, Rock







 The Beautiful Bodies Background Info

When guitarist Thomas Becker approached singer Alicia Solombrino about playing music together, one small thing stood in their way: 4,500 miles to be specific. Becker lived in Bolivia, where he was suing the former president for human rights violations, and Solombrino was in Kansas City, playing with bassist Luis Arana in a project called The Beautiful Bodies. Despite the distance, the three began writing songs together, sending rough recordings back and forth.

Quickly, they realized that the chaotic blend of punk, dance, new wave, and rock they were creating clicked, so Becker put his law career on hold and joined the band. Within only a few months, the band released a single that received regular rotation on modern rock and college stations in the Midwest, and they were sharing the stage with groups like Smashing Pumpkins and Cake. (via ReverbNation)

MarsBands Review

I feel like I know Alicia.  I feel like I know exactly the kind of person she is and exactly what her goals are.  I’ve never met her in all my life.  But I feel this way because she reminds me so very much of a singer I was in a band with years ago.  Spunky, lively, energetic, in-your-face, amazingly talented, and a constant beacon of light.  She is the show.  She meets all the requirements that anyone could ever ask of a lead singer (male or female).  She’s got an awesome name to boot (Alicia Solo)!  It’s destiny.

Alicia Solombrino’s voice is pretty amazing.  She is truly a talented singer and an amazing presence on the stage.  At times her voice reminds me of Karen O (Yeah Yeah Yeahs) and other times it reminds me of Aimee Echo (The Start).  That’s a pretty epic mix of voices and anyone wielding that much vocal power needs to be spotlighted.

The Beautiful Bodies, as so many bands are doing, used Kickstarter (hooray for fans of good music!) to successfully raise money to record an album.  They exceeded their goal and were ready to record – at least until they joined Warped Tour and played with awesome bands like Goldfinger and Reel Big Fish.  Recording of their album had to be delayed.  That being said, according to the Tweeter Machines, “Headed to LA on Monday to record!! Luis is planning on getting some botox & pec implants while we are out there.” (Oct. 18th).  So it would appear an epic album from The Beautiful Bodies should be making its way to your ears sometime next year.

The Beautiful Bodies’ music is high energy and not just because of Alicia’s eclectic personality.  The music will perk your ears up, get your heart pounding, and could very well make you start dancing, even if you aren’t much of a dancer.

Furthermore, The Beautiful Bodies are from Missouri, which is just making my case ever stronger that my state (yes, it is my state.  I own it – read the fine print.) is one of the best places to find awesome music.  More Pop than Rock, The Beautiful Bodies have enough Pop for the Poppers and enough Rock for the Rockers.  If one were so inclined, they could easily give the band the label Power Pop.  This isn’t crappy Lady Gaga Pop or Justin Bieber Pop.  This is crazy, untamed, explosive Pop that if stared at directly will melt your face off.  You’ve been warned – Enjoy!

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Kansas City, MO, USA

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