Vegas With Randolph

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Vegas With Randolph
Band Name: Vegas With Randolph
Official Website: Band Website
Origin: Alexandria, Virginia, USA
Year Formed:
Band Members: John Ratts, Eric Kern, Dan Aylestock, Dave Purol, Brock Harris, Danny Aylestock
Genres: Indie Pop, Indie Rock, Pop







Vegas With Randolph Background Info

Vegas with Randolph’s music has been called “ebullient, unabashed power pop”, “thinking man’s party music,” and “blissful pop songwriting at its finest” and their music has been compared to Fastball, Sloan, and Fountains of Wayne. (via Reverbnation)

MarsBands Review

Possessing the same Pop sound as Bowling for Soup and Fountains of Wayne, Vegas With Randolph makes themselves unique with their impeccable harmonies (both lyrically and instrumentally) and with their intelligent lyrics.  At the risk of generalizing Pop bands, most times the lyrics leave a little to be desired.  But Vegas With Randolph’s lyrics are smart, crafty, witty and poetic.

While no one would argue if you just called Vegas With Randolph Pop, there is more to the band than that single genre.  In fact, the band’s sound is composed of bits of Pop, Rock, and perhaps even at times they have a slight Punk feel to their songs.  All of which makes me like this band more and more.

As I usually tend to do, I listen to the music before I start doing any kind of research on a band, such as reading bios or checking them out on Wikipedia, Facebook, etc.  So when I started listening to Vegas with Randolph I was hearing bits of bands similar to Bowling for Soup and Fountains of Wayne.  And while I’m not particularly fond of either of those bands, as I continued to listen, the music kind of started sounding like something Less Than Jake-ish.  And then The Beatles. Yes, The Beatles.

Vegas With Randolph’s song Above the Blue starts off very similarly to The Beatles’ I Am The Walrus.  And that kind of got me hooked.  And then the very beginning part of Double Play: Even Though kind of reminded me of Hey Jude.  It was at that time I realized how cool a Beatles/Less Than Jake/Fountains of Wayne combo could be!

To get you started, some songs that I liked and would suggest you check out are Nikki’s Plan/Broadway, Marisa, Double Play: Wondering, and Above the Blue.  Above the Blue is my favorite.  Maybe it will be yours, too?  Give Vegas With Randolph a listen, your ears will thank you.

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Other Songs to Check Out

  • Above the Blue
  • The Tree Song
  • The Better Part

Where They Are From

Alexandria, VA, USA

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