Velcro Mary

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Velcro Mary
Band Name: Velcro Mary
Official Website: Band Website
Origin: Matthews, NC, USA
Year Formed: 1993
Band Members: J
Genres: Alternative Rock, Indie Rock, Rock









Velcro Mary Background Info

There is almost no information that I can gather up for you guys other than these few, simple facts:
This is a one man band – started in 1993 – made up of a guy named “J” from Matthews, North Carolina.

MarsBands Review

Well, after that fascinating bit of historical learning, let’s talk about the music!  Actually, let’s first talk about how this guy is attempting to get noticed.  All his videos, with the exception of one, have strippers doing things in them.  I went over his Facebook page and came across this response when he was asked why he uses strippers in all his videos:

I don’t use strippers for ALL of the videos. My favorite Velcro Mary video features a harmonica playing teddy bear. They say, “sex sells,” but in this case it would be “sex gets people to watch your video.” Let’s use an example: In December, I put up a video for “Backup Plan” that featured 2 guys dressed up like robots, dancing around like goofballs. By April, it had something like 120 views. This week, I put up this video and another one that featured a girl dressed up like a kitty cat, hula hooping with her butt cheeks hanging out. They EACH had over 80 views in less than 24 hours, and were on target to beat the robot video in 2 days. Velcro Mary doesn’t play live. The fan base is small. I can count the “hardcore” fans on one hand. No, scratch that, I can count the “hardcore” fans on one finger. Over a week ago, I put out a song (“Ghost”) for free and promoted the crap out of it. Guess how many people have downloaded it so far? 1, and he’s kind of in the band. So no one’s really paying attention, and no one really cares. So it’s all a matter of trying to catch someone’s attention. And that, my friend, is why I put strippers in my videos.

This is both funny and sad all at the same time.  Now, I know what you’re thinking… did I pay attention because of the strippers?  No.  I actually found him on Reverbnation.  And as I do with every band or artist I research on Reverbnation, I listen to their song-list first.  If the music catches my ear, then I explore further.  And not to hurt anyone’s feelings… but the strippers aren’t anything fantastic to look at, so.  Ya.

Ok, so now the music – What’s sad about this whole situation is that this guy feels he has to use sex to get his music heard.  And while that may be true, at least on some level, that is very, very sad.  And here’s why: This is awesome music.  Actually, the more I think about it while I’m sitting here writing these words, it makes me a little angry that this music isn’t getting any attention.  Seriously, this is good music!

Velcro Mary has some great beats, rhythms, and melodies.  I’m trying to think of some other type of music I can compare the band to to give you an idea of what to expect, but I’m totally drawing a blank.  Velcro Mary has their own unique sound.  Actually, let’s say this: Imagine mixing Bloodhound Gang with a little bit of The Thermals.  And then everything else is all unique.  It’s not something other-worldly new or groundbreaking, but it is excellently crafted and sounds great.  So, is doing their part to help Velcro Mary get noticed.  Take a listen and enjoy!  Velcro Mary has our seal of approval for being so completely dedicated to their music.

To get you started, my favorite songs were The Worst Is Yet To Come, Ghost, and Home.

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Where They Are From

Matthew Slough, Woodville, NC 27849, USA

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