MarsMadness Champion

After 4 Grueling Weeks, There Could Only Be One Winner


Mr.Keys’ MarsMadness Summary

Mr. Keys was thrust into MarsMadness and faired pretty well.  He easily beat Ladylike Lily 58-4 in Round 1.  In Round 2 he surpassed Healthy Junkies 30-12.  Being so close to the MarsMadness Finals, Mr. Keys’ fanbase made quick work of Voice of Addiction in Round 3, 65-33.  Mr. Keys had made it to the Championship Round.

Mr. Keys jumped out to a sizable lead to start the MarsMadness Championship Round and then was quickly met with Cable35‘s fan resistance.  But Mr. Keys has an extremely loyal, and deep fanbase, and after being behind in the votes for virtually the entire week, that all started to change on Friday.

Mr. Keys fans came in furious waves to show their support starting early Friday, and by Friday night Mr. Keys had draw within striking distance of Cable35.  Saturday proved to be another successful day for Mr. Keys.  After a whopping 572 votes were cast, Mr. Keys has the distinct honor of winning the first ever MarsMadness Playoff Bracket 297-275.

Ladies and gentlemen, it is with great honor that I present to you your first ever MarsMadness Champion, Mr. Keys!

And while obviously this is a tremendous win for Mr. Keys, it is also a win for Mr. Keys’ fans.  Those fans should give themselves a pat on the back, as they did something quite remarkable.  Out-voting Cable35’s fans is quite an accomplishment.

And on a personal note, we here at MarsBands would like to thank all the fans who came out to vote for their favorite bands and artists.  We hope that everyone enjoyed the bracket and enjoyed our site.  We’d also like to thank the bands and artists who participated in MarsMadness for playing along and making the first ever MarsMadness Playoff Bracket a massive success!

Congratulations, Mr. Keys!

 Click here to see the bracket.

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