Know Your Inner Child


CHARLOTTE ERIKSSON, The Glass Child, was gracious enough to sit down and talk to MarsBands via Skype in our first ever video interview.  Charlotte is a very likable creature, with a strong personality and a great sense of humor.  Knowing what she wants, Charlotte doesn’t just sit back and wait to see what life will hand her, instead, she takes life by the reins and therefore creates her own destiny.  Her abilities run deeper than singing, as you will soon find out – The mind of this young woman is truly unique.

In part 1 of “Know Your Inner Child” entitled “The How’s and Why’s”, Charlotte explains her reasons for making music, how she discovered music, and her journey thus far in her musical career.

When you’re done watching Part 1, jump over to Part 2 – “My Music, My Rules“, and then head over to Part 3 – “Laughter“.

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