The Blue Van

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The Blue Van
Band Name: The Blue Van
Official Website: Band Website
Origin: Brønderslev, Denmark
Year Formed: 2003
Band Members: Steffen Westmark, Søren V. Christensen, Allan F. Villadsen, and Per M. Jørgensen
Genres: Alternative Rock, Classic Rock, Rock







The Blue Van, from Brønderslev, Denmark, are a Rock band with a Classic Rock sound.  Formed in 2003, The Blue Van has released three albums:

  • The Art of Rolling (2005)
  • Dear Independence (2006)Man Up (2008)
  • Love Shot (2010)
The band has had a number of their songs used in commercials including Samsung and Apple.  The Blue Van has also had some of their music featured on television shows like 90210, Countdown-Die Jagd beginnt, and Royal Pains.  Additionally, their music has been featured on video games and other commercials.


The Blue Van makes some very melody-rich songs that have an old-school Rock sound.  A very unique sounding band, The Blue Van have garnered fair amounts of success and attention Denmark, but are still relatively unknown in the United States despite touring extensively with Jet while promoting their album Dear Independence. likes The Blue Van and recommends you check them out if you like a warm, Classic Rock sound.
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Other Songs to Check Out

  • I Want You
  • Run to the Sun
  • The Odyssey
  • Put My Name in the Sand

Where They Are From

9700 Bronderslev, Denmark

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