Band Info
Band Name: Moriarty
Official Website: Band Website
Origin: France and United States
Year Formed: 1995
Band Members: Charles Carmignac, Arthur Gillette, Thomas Puéchavy, Rosemary Standley, and Stephan Zimmerli
Genres: Acoustic, Indie








The Rundown: Moriarty, a French/American/Swiss band formed in 1995, is composed of Charles Carmignac, Arthur Gillette, Thomas Puéchavy, Rosemary Standley, and Stephan Zimmerli.  Originally an eight piece band that played Rock and Blues, several departures from the band changed Moriarty into an Acoustic, melody filled band with a bit of a Country twang.

Moriarty has released three albums:

  • Gee Whiz But This Is A Lonesome Town (2007)
  • La Musique de Paris Dernière (2008)
  • The Missing Room (2011)

Moriarty’s lead singer,  Rosemary Standley, has a brilliant and strong voice.  When combined with the entrancing sounds of guitars, harmonicas, xylophones, pianos, kazoos, drums and bass, Moriarty has an incredibly unique and magnificent sound.  Ranging anywhere from Acoustic to Folk to even a little Pop at times, Moriarty doesn’t necessarily fall within a single genre.

And one of the most unique things about this band is their use of an instrument called a mouth harp (also referred to as a Jew’s harp, jaw harp, Ozark harp, trump or juice harp).  If you don’t know what a mouth harp is, I strongly suggest you check out this band.  The mouth harp has such an amazingly distinct sound to it – I wish it were used more often. recommends you check out Moriarty if you are in the mood for a type of music that you have never heard before.

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