Band Info
Band Name: Haivyn
Official Website: Band Website
Origin: Los Angeles, California, USA
Year Formed: 2004
Band Members: Denise (vocals), Dave (guitar), Angel 'Spade' (bass), David 'Styx' (drums)
Genres: Grunge, Pop Punk, Rock

Haivyn Background Info

Born and raised in Los Angeles and formed in 2004, HAiVyN is a Rock Band with a female vocalist. Playing with multiple combinations from Punk through Jazz to Metal and Grunge, the end result is a theatrical and torrid performance. HAiVyN is proud to be well received where ever discovered.

MarsBands Review

Haivyn is a high-energy band that reminds me a little of some 90s bands.  Lead singer, Denise, has a voice that ranges from softly soothing to angrily scratchy and intimidating, all of which gives Haivyn’s music a wonderful edge that I find very appealing.

Elegantly blending tempos, instruments, and voices, Haivyn isn’t afraid to try something outside the box and doesn’t let themselves be defined by a genre.  For example, their song Move-On has a kind of Tool vibe to it, while their song Filthy takes on a softer, Smashing Pumpkins type feel.

For very brief moments I find myself wanting to compare Denise’s vocals to that of Agent M or Aimee Echo, but that would be wrong, because Denise has a voice that is unique in her own way.  While many of Haivyn’s song feature her scratchy, somewhat intimidating vocals, she is also able to keep it soft and mellow.  In fact, from what I’ve heard, she is able to use the full spectrum of highs and lows, sweets and means, hards and softs.

The majority of Haivyn’s music has a quick, upbeat tempo to it, which is also something I enjoy, and I think you will too!  Check out Haivyn if you are in the mood for a little Grunge/Rock/Punk experience.

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Where They Are From

Los Angeles, CA, USA

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