The Balconies

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The Balconies
Band Name: The Balconies
Official Website: Band Website
Origin: Ottowa, Canada
Year Formed: 2008
Band Members: Jacquie Neville, Stephen Neville, Liam Jaeger
Genres: Indie Rock, Rock






The Rundown:  The Balconies are an Indie band originating from Ottawa, Canada.  Formed in 2008, The Balconies consists of siblings Jacquie and Stephen Neville, and Liam Jaeger.  But simply calling The Balconies an Indie band is like calling Wayne Gretzky just a hockey player.  This band has all the tools needed to be amazing, like harmony, degrees in music, determination, violins, upright bass, and all-around badassery.

During the band’s short life thus far, they have been able to share a stage with some rather notable bands like Cold War Kids, Juliette Lewis, Melissa Auf der Maur, Mother Mother, Land of Talk, and Sloan to name a few.  Each band member can play more than one instrument which helps them create powerful and dynamic music.  Jacquie Neville has a beautiful voice, and whether she or Stephen is singing, their songs have a certain elegance when playing acoustically.  This band also knows how to rock out as well or better than any Indie band out there.

Some of the awesome songs you should check out by The Balconies are Giant Squid, Black Cat, Serious Bedtime, and Ghost Fever among others.  MarsBands is a big fan of The Balconies and we are continually impressed with the amazing music that comes out of Canada.  As always, we encourage you to investigate further and find more of their music that you enjoy.

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Other Songs to Check Out

  • Black Cat
  • Serious Bedtime
  • Giant Squid


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