La Sera

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La Sera
Band Name: La Sera
Official Website: Band Website
Origin: Brooklyn, NY
Year Formed: 2009
Band Members: Katy Goodman
Genres: Indie, Indie Pop, Indie Rock






The Rundown:  La Sera, the new band featuring Katy Goodman, is a brilliant mix of harmony and 50’s Pop sounds.  Katy Goodman (the bassist for Vivian Girls) released the self-titled debut album for her new band in 2011.  It immediately received high-praise for its charming sound.  If you are a fan of the Vivian Girls, La Sera is a stark difference from the harsh and distorted guitars.  The new album, La Sera, is stripped down to the most basic elements, with the main features being Katy’s angelic voice, clean guitars, and bass.

La Sera’s self-titled debut album has 12 songs, all of which will take you back in time.  You will notice from the get go that the album has a ’50s Pop type feel to it with the clean guitars and soft, almost whimsical vocals of Katy Goodman.  The entire album is full of tremendous vocal harmony.  Katy Goodman’s voice is haunting in some of her songs, which is the most prominent part of the album.  Which is a great thing considering her voice is one of the best that’s out there.  The vast majority of the album uses clean guitars, and the rare song where there is distortion used, it’s very light and more of a fuzz than distortion.

The album has a ton of good music on it, and I would suggest instead of just picking out songs that you like, to just get the entire album because every song is great.  That being said, my favorites were “Devil’s Hearts Grow Gold“, “Never Come Around“, “I’m Alone“, “Beating Heart“, “I Promise You“, “Left This World“, and “Under the Trees“.  I was also able to find a La Sera cover of “Dedicated to the One I Love“,  by Five Royales, which was done impeccably. loves La Sera because Katy Goodman takes us back in time and reminds us that good music isn’t quite as elusive as it seems. 


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Other Songs to Check Out

  • Never Come Around
  • Left This World
  • Under the Trees
  • I Promise You
  • I'm Alone
  • Beating Heart
  • Dedicated to the One I Love

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