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The Zutons
Band Name: The Zutons
Official Website: Band Website
Origin: Liverpool, UK
Year Formed: 2001
Band Members: Dave McCabe, Russell Pritchard, Sean Payne, Abi Harding
Genres: Indie, Indie Rock, Rock

The Rundown:  Created in 2001, The Zutons released their first album, “Who Killed… The Zutons?” in May of 2004.  The 12 track album spent 36 weeks in the UK Albums Chart, achieving the #9 spot on the charts on Jan. 15th, 2005.  Since then the band has released two other albums, “Tired of Hanging Around” (2006) and  “You Can Do Anything” (2008).  “Tired of Hanging Around” peaked at #2 on the UK Top 40 while “You Can Do Anything” peaked at #6 on the UK Albums Chart.  The Zutons name comes from “The Magic Band” guitarist Bill Harkleroad (Zoot Horn Rollo).

Consisting of Dave McCabe, Russell Pritchard, Sean Payne, and Abi Harding, The Zutons, from Liverpool England, have a unique sound – almost a ska-type vibe comes from many of their songs thanks to the melodic resonance of Abi and her saxophone.  The guitar parts of many of their songs are smooth and rhythmic, not brash or overpowering.  In fact, no instrument in this 4-piece ensemble is more dominant than any other.  The bass, guitars, saxophone and voices all come together to create a melodious reverberation which is of immense pleasure to the ears.  The Zutons make music that you can dance to, or if dancing doesn’t happen to be your strong point, you can head-bob like a mo’-fo’.

One of the best songs I found on the the album “Who Killed… The Zutons” was Don’t Ever Think (Too Much).  Starting off with an a-cappella-esque “duh, duh duh, duh duh…”, the listener is unknowingly being primed for a musical explosion.  You don’t know why, but somehow you can just feel that whatever comes after that is going to be awesome.  Sure enough, The Zutons don’t disappoint, and immediately they jump into a saxophone laced intro which sets the tone for the rest of the song.  The drum line is sharp and quick, giving the song an upbeat feeling.  Dave McCabe, the lead singer for The Zutons, then begins to sing with a voice that compliments the rest of the sounds accompanying him.  His voice is reminiscent of a 70s style rock singer.

Dave McCabe thinking, ''community... what?''

Dave McCabe had been in several bands including, “Tramp Attack“, before obtaining the success he has found with The Zutons.  None of the bands McCabe had been in prior to The Zutons were very well received by the critics.  Recently McCabe has found himself in a spot of trouble.  In February of 2010 Dave was charged with assault for breaking a man’s nose (from a head-butt, no less) who was outside a nightclub on Hope Street.  McCabe says he acted in self-defense because the man insulted his girlfriend.  McCabe and the man he destroyed with his head were apparently  less than sober, as it was reported they both had been drinking a decent amount of alcohol that night.  McCabe was sentenced to 150 hours of community service.  Apparently the judge forgot that he is the lead singer of a Rock ‘n’ Roll band and that these types of things should be expected.  We here at do not endorse this type of behavior, but, we do like to hear about it.  Kudos to Dave for keeping the spirit of rock ‘n’ roll alive.

Rock on Zutons, rock on.

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Where They Are From

Liverpool, UK

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