Young Galaxy

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Young Galaxy
Band Name: Young Galaxy
Official Website: Band Website
Origin: Vancouver, BC, Canada
Year Formed: 2005
Band Members: Stephen Ramsay, Catherine McCandless, Stephen Kamp, Andrea Silver, Matt Shapiro
Genres: Indie, Indie Pop, Indie Rock

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The Rundown:  Originally from Vancouver, British Columbia, and now based out of Montreal, Canada, Young Galaxy are an Indie/Rock/Pop band that got started in 2005.  Composed of Stephen Ramsay, Catherine McCandless, Stephen Kamp, Andrea Silver, and Matt Shapiro, Young Galaxy has released three albums, Shapeshifting (2011)Invisible Republic (2009), and Young Galaxy (2007) as well as two EPs, YG No Art (2010) and Swing Your Heartache (2006).

Young Galaxy is the very definition of the word unique.  I have never heard a sound quite like theirs before.  Their music can be entrancing, and if you are stressed out or having a hard time getting to sleep, I would recommend listening to this band.  Young Galaxy’s songs are mellow, relaxing and have the uncanny ability to take you into a whole new world when you listen to them.

The first song I heard from Young Galaxy was Invisible Republic which was played live acoustically in a place called Bellwoods (I strongly suggest that you check out The Humble Empire website and their YouTube page, by the way, as they tend to find some amazing bands to record).  I was quite taken with Catherine McCandless’ vocals.  She has such a vibrant, soothing voice, while at the same time eerily haunting (in a good way).  I was also very impressed with the band’s mastery of harmonizing.

I then saw another video of them performing their song Pathos at Bellwoods.  Again, I was simply amazed how well Catherine can sing, how the band can harmonize, and how such an amazing song could be performed with just voices and a keyboard.  But what amazed me the most was how everyone that was sitting there watching the performance was dead silent.  A perfect example of how entrancing Young Galaxy can be.

I moved away from the live stuff and wanted to see how good they sounded when recorded.  I was blown away.  It was as if it was a completely different band, still very good, but not at all what I expected based on the two earlier songs I listened to.  Their recorded material adds in an Electro element to their sound, which is very cool.  And I must say, Catherine’s voice is spectacular when recorded and given all those cool echos and reverbs.

The lyrics from Young Galaxy’s songs aren’t immediately understood – they are kind of abstract, which is fun.  In fact, I shouldn’t have expected anything else, as the lyrics match the music so perfectly. gives Young Galaxy a round of applause for doing their own thing and making some great sounding music.  You need to check this band out.





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Other Songs to Check Out

  • Lost in the Call
  • Pathos
  • Long Live the Fallen World
  • Shapeshifting

Where They Are From

Vancouver, BC, Canada

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