The Dollyrots

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The Dollyrots
Band Name: The Dollyrots
Official Website: Band Website
Origin: Florida
Year Formed: 2000
Band Members: Kelly Ogden, Luis Cabezas
Genres: Pop Rock, Rock

The Rundown:  Kelly Ogden and Luis Cabezas combine to form The Dollyrots; one of the most entertaining and powerful Pop bands you’ll ever meet.  With a splash of Punk to their sound, The Dollyrots keep their listeners entertained through various means.  Created in 2000, The Dollyrots released their first studio album, “Eat My Heart Out” in 2004, followed by “Because I’m Awesome” (2007) and   “A Little Messed Up” (2010).  The has also released two EPs: “The Dollyrots vs. Bowling For Soup” and  “Arrested Youth” (2011).

Although maybe not the most famous band, they have a very strong underground fan-base and street team.  And it’s not hard to understand why.  Kelly Ogden is one of the nicest people you will ever meet.  Very fan friendly, she’ll take the time to sign some autographs, pose for pictures, and just chat it up with her fans.  During shows, The Dollyrots put out some massive stage presence.

The bass lines are always crisp, the guitar riffs are scratchy, a little punky, a little poppy, and the drums are sharp and timely.  Kelly’s voice is the integral part of the band, though.  Her voice is so sweet at times, which contrasts perfectly with the hard sound the rest of the band makes.  In addition to making some exceptional original songs, the band also frequently covers songs from various bands such as The Turtles (Happy Together, 1967),  Melanie (Brand New Key, 1971), and The Ronnetts (Be My Baby, 1963).  The Dollyrots do a fantastic job of covering songs, and I have yet to find one of their covers that I haven’t liked.  One cover they have done that I enjoyed the most is Brand New Key.  The original song is soft and sweet, but, The Dollyrots punk it up a little bit.  The Dollyrots version stays soft and sweet simply by Kelly’s voice, but the rest of the song speeds up and rocks out.

If you are so inclined, you may also decide to check out my second favorite cover song they do, Happy Together, by The Turtles.  It is quite good.

The band just wrapped up a massive U.S. tour that lasted nearly 3 months.  Spanning the East Coast to the West Coast and everywhere in-between.  The Dollyrots are constantly working to get their songs to the ears of as many people as they can.  They just wrapped up the creation of a new, self-titled album, thanks to a massive response to their Kickstarter Campaign, that will be released September 18th.  MarsBands has our copy of the album before it is released, so check out our review

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Other Songs to Check Out

  • Brand New Key
  • New College
  • Happy Together
  • Goodnight Tonight
  • Om Nom Nom

Where They Are From

Florida, USA

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