Sparrow and the Workshop

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Sparrow and the Workshop
Band Name: Sparrow and the Workshop
Official Website: Band Website
Origin: Glasglow, Scotland
Year Formed: 2008
Band Members: Jill O'Sullivan, Nick Packer, Gregor Donaldson
Genres: Folk, Indie Rock, Rock

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The Rundown:  From Glasgow, Scotland, this Indie Rock band is well on their way to becoming a very well known band.  Formed in 2008, Sparrow and the Workshop is fronted by American singer and guitarist Jill O’Sullivan and also includes Nick Packer on guitar and bass, and Gregor Donaldson on drums and vocals.  Signed by Distiller Records in 2009, the trio has released two studio albums: “Crystals Fall” (2010) and “Spitting Daggers” (2011).

Providing an interesting sound, Sparrow and the Workshop has several “must hear” song, such as “Devil Song” and “Our Lady of the Potatoes“.

Jill O'Sullivan in "Black to Red" video

Jill O’Sullivan has a wonderful voice, which has just a hint of country “twang” to it.  One of the songs that has brought Sparrow and the Workshop the most notoriety has been “Black to Red“.

The song itself is pretty amazing.  Consisting of sharp guitar solos, quick lyrics, and a simple, yet important drum beat, the song is a fantastic rock song and a great listen.  Jill O’Sullivan uses the full scope of her vocal powers in this song, going from quiet, to loud, soft to vicious.  Never before have I heard anyone sing so sweetly about having their arms broken and being drown.  And then there’s the video for the song.  Perhaps one of the most creative and unique ideas for a video I have ever seen.  Their attempt was to make a homemade 3-D video.

Whether it worked or not I’m not sure, as I don’t have any 3-D glasses.  Even if you don’t have any 3-D glasses the video is still pretty amazing to watch, and you can certainly see the work that went into making the video.  Each band member was given a red painted twin (and in some cases, a creepy red twin) which was strategically placed behind and to the right of the blue painted band member.  Where the two people overlapped, a darker blue was painted on the blue band member.  The twin thing didn’t just apply to the band members – there were two microphones, two drum sets, two coffee mugs, two amps, and two creepy dancing people with strange hair.

Sparrow and the Workshop has a unique sound and a unique creative vision, which is why we here at give them our full support.

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Other Songs to Check Out

  • Our Lady of the Potatoes
  • Devil Song

Where They Are From

Boreham Ln, Wartling, East Sussex BN27 1, UK

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