Reina Del Cid

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Reina Del Cid
Band Name: Reina Del Cid
Official Website: Band Website
Origin: Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States
Year Formed:
Band Members:
Genres: Acoustic, Folk, Indie

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The Rundown:  Reina Del Cid is a YouTube sensation from Minneapolis, Minnesota.  Her Facebook page and YouTube page provide limited background information about her.  So mostly what I can tell you is what I know first hand from watching her videos and hearing her music.  This lady is super talented and will absolutely one day be a big star.  Take that to the bank.

Her music is somewhat folksy, and maybe a little poppy at times, and from everything that I have seen and heard, her music is acoustic.  That may not be your cup of tea, but she is really, really good at writing lyrics.  Her lyrics are, quite simply, poetic genius.  I find myself marveling at how her brain works in regards to lyrics.

There aren’t many artists or bands out there who can create great music along with lyrics that are simply remarkable.  Her word play is wonderful, and she doesn’t water down her songs with needless lyrics.  Every single word in a song is absolutely necessary and only adds to the allure of her songs, not dilutes them.  The music she creates is fairly simple, no extravagant guitar solos or anything like that.  But out of that simplicity comes a sound so refreshing and unique, you’ll find yourself dumbfounded how you’ve never heard of her before.

Reina Del Cid has some great songs you should listen to, including “Mr. Piñata“, “Wonder“, “Library Girl“, and “Teacher Crush“. If you find yourself so inclined, check her out. wants her to succeed and become famous.  If anyone knows her personally, we’d love to interview her.  So let her know for us.

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Other Songs to Check Out

  • Wonder
  • Mr. Pinata
  • Teacher Crush

Where They Are From

Minneapolis, MN, USA

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