Maxïmo Park

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Maxïmo Park
Band Name: Maximo Park
Official Website: Band Website
Origin: Northeast England
Year Formed: 2001
Band Members: Paul Smith, Duncan Lloyd, Archis Tiku, Lukas Wooller, Tom English
Genres: Alternative Rock, Post-Punk Revival
The Rundown:  The UK keeps pumping out great bands, and Maxïmo Park, an Indie Rock/Post-Punk revival band, is no exception.  Formed in 2001, Paul Smith (vocals), Duncan Lloyd (guitar), Archis Tiku, who replaced Chris Mitra-Hall (bass), and Lukas Wooller (keyboard) have released three studio albums: “A Certain Trigger” (2005), “Our Earthly Pleasures” (2007), and “Quicken the Heart” (2009).  In 2005 Maxïmo Park’s album, “A Certain Trigger” sold more than 300,000 copies and was nominated for the Mercury Prize.


Maxïmo Park’s music is really energetic, as is their stage performance.  Lead singer Paul Smith likes to jump around and keep the crowd entertained, as many awesome musicians like to do.  Some of the band’s best songs areApply Some Pressure“, “Books from Boxes“, and “Our Velocity“.  That’s not to say those are their only good songs, but those are the ones that struck my fancy.  You might enjoy other songs, so you should definitely check these guys out.  “Apply Some Pressure” is by far my favorite song – good solid Indie Rock at its best.  I may even be so bold as to say it sounds faintly like Hot Hot Heat, who also likes.
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Other Songs to Check Out

  • Books From Boxes
  • Our Velocity

Where They Are From

England, United Kingdom

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