The Dead Love

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The Dead Love
Band Name: The Dead Love
Official Website: Band Website
Origin: Sydney, Australia
Year Formed: 2010
Band Members: Stevie Knight- Vocals/Guitars, Clint Ossington - Bass/Vocals, Chris Blancato - Drums
Genres: Alternative, Grunge, Rock

The Dead Love









The Dead Love Background Info

The Dead love formed April 2010, collaboration between Stevie Knight (guitarist/vocalist), Clint Ossington (bass/vocals), Chris Blancato (Drums). The member’s influences vary from 90’s Grunge Rock to 70’s blues and Rock n Roll combined with modern indi and electronic influences creating something unique, dubbed “party grunge” by Melbourne’s Beat Magazine. (via ReverbNation)


MarsBands Review

The Dead LoveIt’s time to Rock out, friends!  If the world is ending as you read this, what better what to go than to go out Rockin’?  The Dead Love exemplifies some of my favorite things about Rock – loudness, gritty vocals, perfect sounding drums, loudness, passion, loudness, and beats that make my head bob along until I get a headache.  There are a lot of bands out there who claim to make Rock music.  Many of them don’t make Rock music, rather, they make some hybrid form of mainstream “Rock” that is pretty annoying.

The Dead Love are not misleading when they call themselves Rock, however.  If anything, they are underselling themselves.  The Dead Love aren’t just Rock – they are face-melting, ear pounding, ass-kicking Rock – the way our forefathers intended it to be.  If you are a fan of Rock n’ Roll, you will quickly become a fan of The Dead Love.  One of the other great things about their sound is that they have a rather distinct Grunge to them that I am rather partial to.

My favorite song was Cigarettes and Wine.  It started off kind of slow and quiet with Stevie’s gritty vocals being the focus.  The song then quickly ramped up and started kicking my ass all over the room.  You might want to wear some padding when you listen.  You can hear some more of The Dead love below courtesy of the good folks at ReverbNation.  Enjoy!

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Where They Are From

Sydney NSW, Australia

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