Good Friend

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Good Friend
Band Name: Good Friend
Official Website: Band Website
Origin: Coleraine, Ireland
Year Formed: 2011
Band Members: Adam Carroll, Jake Woods, Clive Kennedy
Genres: Alternative, Punk Rock, Rock

Good Friend









 Good Friend Background Info

“It’s not the usual turn of events for a band to call time on their career on the first day of recording the debut album but this is precisely the misfortune that happened Under Stars and Gutters. Out of the scattered ashes, three single minded individuals reupholstered themselves with instruments and set about starting a new. That band is ‘Good Friend’, a three piece of lion hearted rock and roll from Ireland’s North Coast.” (via Facebook)

MarsBands Review

Good FriendIt’s been a little while since we’ve reviewed a Punk band, and quite frankly, it’s been too long.  I almost forgot how awesome Punk is, especially when done well.  For your listening pleasure today, take a listen to Good Friend.  Good Friend is good – which is actually a pretty big understatement.  These guys are awesome.  They have a great singer, who I’m not certain, but I believe to be Adam Carroll.  His passion and gut-wrenching emotion when he sings will get your blood pumping after a few short lyrics.  He’s like an angry and louder Ryan O’Reilly.

The guitar is what you’d expect them to be for a Punk Rock band – loud, in your face, violent and intense.  The drums, while often overlooked, can’t possibly be ignored in Good Friend.  I don’t often find myself commenting on the drums, but with these guys, the drums are fantastic.  Unless you are a drummer or have some kind of musical ability, you might not realize how good the drums are with Good Friend.  Crisp, tight, and incredibly vicious.  And perhaps even more overlooked than the drummers are the bass players.  The guys whose job is to give you that thumping in your ears and chest.  Good Friend has an excellent bassist and your ears and chest will certainly be thumping.

Good Friend does what every good Punk band does, and that is come unleashed.  These guys don’t hold back, so you’d better be prepared to have your ass rocked.  And while they may not be old-school Punk (they are more of a Modern Punk/Rock), they aren’t your crappy “Pretend Preppy Punk” that you hear on the radio.  There’s nothing fake about these blokes.  They are all highly skilled, highly motivated, and deeply passionate about the music they make.  So do yourself a favor and give them a listen via Bandcamp below.  Enjoy!

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Where They Are From

Coleraine, Co. Laois, Ireland

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