Band Info
Band Name: Osirus
Official Website: Band Website
Origin: Houston, TX, USA
Year Formed:
Band Members: John Matranga (Drums/backing vocals), Ernest Garcia (Guitars), Al Alvarez (Bass), Elisa Muratori (lead vocals)
Genres: Alternative, Indie, Rock







Osirus Background Info

OSIRUS® is an alt-rock band from Houston, TX whose sound runs the gamut from alternative-indie to edgy hard rock.  OSIRUS® has released their latest CD entitled Awaken which features eight songs that display an array and melding of influences that creates an original sound for OSIRUS that is all their own. (via ReverbNation)

MarsBands Review

I know we’ve been featuring a lot of female-fronted bands, but when they are so incredibly amazing (see Well Hung Heart, Sisaret, The LBians, April Smith) you simply have to let people know about them!  Osirus is another female-fronted band lead by the powerful and vibrant vocals of Elisa Muratori.  I often find myself marveling how bands just so happen to find the perfect person to sing for the band.  The stars seemed to have aligned for Osirus, as Elisa’s voice and the music supporting her are nothing short of magic.

Listening to Elisa sing, I feel like she has that perfect blend of a badass attitude and someone who is incredibly passionate.  Her voice ranges from reserved intensity to all-out in-your-face Rocking that you can’t help but feel pounding away at your ears and chest.

Osirus has a bit of an old-school Rock sound but have found a way to modernize it.  They sound fresh, new, and energetic yet at the same time you get the feeling they know what they’re doing – they seem seasoned and primed for success.  Grumbly, loud guitars, thumping bass, and blazing drums complete the ensemble and give the listener something new and unique with each song they play.

I was a big fan of Victim, but I also really liked Just Being Myself – to me it gave off a strong Tsunami Bomb type of feel.  In fact, there were several instances where the guitar work (which is fantastic, by the way) reminded me a lot of Tsunami Bomb.  Check out Osirus below and enjoy good music!

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Where They Are From

Houston, TX, USA

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