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Haun’s Mill
Band Name: Haun's Mill
Official Website: Band Website
Origin: Austin, Texas, USA
Year Formed: 2005
Band Members: Nord Anderson (vocals, guitar, banjo), Eliza Wren (vocals, banjo, guitar, accordion, toy piano), Keith Palumbo (drums), Courtney Jackson (upright bass), Reed Arnos (piano, trumpet)
Genres: Folk, Indie







Haun’s Mill Background Info

Haun’s Mill combines folk, spaghetti western, and classic country into a sound distinctly their own. Their live performances are coupled with period movie projections, resulting in a powerful presentation of sights and sounds.

Described as haunted saloon music, Haun’s Mill has found a home in Austin’s quirky environment since moving there in late 2010. Since their relocation, the five piece band holds residency at the swanky 1920’s themed East Side Showroom and has played local clubs and festivals including Swan Dive, Continental Club, Art Outside, Pecan Street Festival, Parish, Club DeVille and Momo’s. (via ReverbNation).

MarsBands Review

Want a mix of Folk, Country, and spooky sounding music?  Haun’s Mill is what you are looking for then.  Haun’s Mill’s music gives off a kind of sad, haunting type  of feeling while incorporating amazing harmony and melody.  Right off the bat I’m going to recommend that you listen to all their songs, but specifically you should listen to Paul and Nobody Followed.  Those two songs sent shivers down my spine.  Graceful, eerie, intelligent, and skillfully harmonious.  Nord Anderson and Eliza Wren both have strong enough voices to carry a song on their own, but when they combine and begin to harmonize, it is really something special.

Haun’s Mill utilizes a bevy of instruments including banjo, accordion, guitar, trumpet, and others, to create a full, unique Folk sound that at times will make you want to get up and dance a little bit and other times will make you stop and look over your shoulder.  Haun’s Mill released a video for their Kickstarter Project (which I am glad to say was fully funded and I’m sorry I wasn’t aware of it) where Nord and Eliza talk a little about the band and what they’ve been doing the past couple years.

In that Kickstarter video Eliza lists some of the instruments that she and Nord play and one she lists is a “toy accordion” (see the picture above).  Now although that is certainly not a “real” accordion, I would hardly call it a toy.  It just so happens that I received an accordion that looks identical to the one Eliza is holding as a birthday gift and I can tell you it is no toy.  I was able to play the first part of “Oh, Canada” with it as well as “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”… So, ya.

So be sure to check out Haun’s Mill.  It’s not just music, it’s not just Folk music, it’s performance art at its best!  Be sure to check out their videos as well as they are very well shot and look spectacular.

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Other Songs to Check Out

  • Haven't Felt This Way in Days
  • Flu
  • Nobody Followed
  • Fitzcarraldo

Where They Are From

Austin, TX, USA

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