The Blind Pets

Band Info
The Blind Pets
Band Name: The Blind Pets
Official Website: Band Website
Origin: Texas, USA
Year Formed: 2007
Band Members: Josh Logan (Vox, Guitar), Dustin Hannah (Bass), Michael Gibson (Drums)
Genres: Grunge, Punk, Rock

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The Blind Pets Background Info

THE BLIND PETS were reared in the torrid summer heat of 2007, in a sweat infested storage unit deep in the heart of Texas. Born from fit and furry, they boiled into their amps behind a padlocked door until the hinges gave way, taking Austin with a punch in the face and no apologies. Heavy and distorted, grungy and reckless, they broadcast on a primal frequency that hails from yesteryear and pounds past tomorrow. With their sound, thicker than thieves and hungry as a pack of wolves, they’ll keep your daughters out all night while you gather the ransom money and wait by the phone. (via Reverbnation bio)

MarsBands Review

The Blind Pets are a mix of things that you might not expect to mix as well as they do.  Composed of bits and pieces of Grunge, 70s Rock, and Psychedellic Rock, The Blind Pets have an amazingly unique and Rocking sound.  If you’ve been searching for something real that will Rock your socks off, consider your search ended.  This ain’t your parents’ Rock and Roll.

The Blind Pets are loud, harsh, abrasive, and oh so awesome!  This band epitomizes the very essence of Rock and Roll.  From their distorted guitars to their furious drum-beats, The Blind Pets won’t just get your attention, they’ll force themselves upon you.  Resistance is futile, as with every strum of the guitar, thump of the bass, and snap of the snare, you’ll find yourself becoming so entranced in their music, you’ll soon forget about whatever you were doing or thinking.

Coming at you full steam with all the fury of the Rock gods, The Blind Pets will remind you what good music really is.  To get you started, I suggest you check out Mountain and Signature Move first.  Also, check out their music videos, as they are pretty good, too.  Enjoy!

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Other Songs to Check Out

  • Signature Moves

Where They Are From

Austin, TX, USA

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