The Jesse Minute

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The Jesse Minute
Band Name: The Jesse Minute
Official Website: Band Website
Origin: Providence, Rhode Island
Year Formed: 2009
Band Members: Missa Hills (lead vocals), Jim Federico (guitar), Mikey Grillo (bass), Drew Peasley (guitar) and Vic Rucinski (drums)
Genres: Pop, Pop Punk, Punk








The Jesse Minute Background Info

From Providence, Rhode Island, The Jesse Minute are a 5-piece, female fronted Garage/Punk band formed in 2009.  The band consists of Missa Hills (lead vocals), Jim Federico (guitar), Mikey Grillo (bass), Drew Peasley (guitar) and Vic Rucinski (drums).  The Jesse Minute makes songs that or so fast, they’ll give you whiplash.  Each song possesses copious amounts of energy, both musically, vocally, and lyrically.

MarsBands Review 


Wow.  Where to begin?  This band is amazing awesome.  Personally, I tend to have a soft-spot for female fronted bands.  And The Jesse Minute is a perfect example why.  Let’s start off with the vocals.  Missa Hills has one of those voices that is intense, strong, and unique.  At times her voice kind of reminds me of Agent M, from Tsunami Bomb.  Other times, the way she growls-out her words, kind of reminds me ofAimee Echo from The Start.

The sounds this band makes are incredible.  There are fast guitar riffs accompanied by quick drum beats and wonderfully crafted bass lines.  I think of this band as a mix of Tsunami Bomb and The Offspring (the good Offspring [see: Smash], not the sellout Offspring) with even a hint of Rage Against the Machine (a combination of Evil Empire and their self-titled album).  That’s a pretty awesome mix.

This is high intensity, high-octane Pop Punk at it’s finest.  Missa Hills doesn’t hold back in the slightest in her music, lyrically or emotionally.  If you have young kids in the room, not all of this music is for their ears.  The Jesse Minute isn’t just Missa’s vibrant vocals.  In true Punk tradition, there are several group “chants”, “1, 2, 3’s”, and more to get you fired up.

Some of my favorite songs from the album below are Sinking, Cinnamon, I’m Not Fine, and Pathetic.  I strongly suggest you check out all their songs on Bandcamp.  Their album, DO or DIE, is just as good as their latest album, Shut Up and Play.  The Jesse Minute has all the pieces they need to be a huge success.  All they need to do now is keep Rockin’ out their fans. gives The Jesse Minute two thumbs up.

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Where They Are From

Providence, RI, USA

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