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Even though has only been around for a short while, we posted a lot of good bands and artists this year.  And that got us thinking: What song from all those amazing bands and artists did we like the most?  Now, we could have made a list of the best songs released in 2011 from the bands/artists we posted, but then we would be missing out on some really great music from other bands/artists we (and you) just learned about that have been around a while. So with that being said, here is our top 10 favorite songs from bands and artists we posted in 2011.

#10 Cathy Davey – Universe Tipping

Cathy Davey has such a sweet voice, but in the song Universe Tipping, it is haunting and will send shivers down your spine. It is a rare breed of musician who makes music that is better when heard live as opposed to a recorded version, and that’s exactly what Cathy Davey accomplishes with Universe Tipping. It simply amazes me how good she is live. The harmonies that are produced in this song are otherworldly.  We really liked her song All of You, but we loved the harmony in Universe Tipping so much that we put it on the list.

#9 No Island – Traveller 

Traveller is a wonderful song by my good friends No Island. The song slowly builds from a Rocky guitar riff into a Jazzy, saxophone filled tune which also includes some spectacular harmonies, both vocally and instrumentally.  No Island also finds a way to incorporate some keyboard into the song and towards the end kicks it into high gear with an awesome, guitar shredding solo.  It’s one of the better guitar solos I’ve heard in a while.  And if you haven’t done so already, check out our interview with Andy and James.

#8 Dark Dark Dark – Daydreaming

Dark Dark Dark makes the list with their song Daydreaming. A wonderfully sad sounding song that sounds so amazing live. Besides the masterful way all the instruments are blended together, the soft, whimsical, and contemplative lyrics overwhelm the listener.  It’s a complicated song, as the intensely sad sounding song will also warm your heart because of its stark emotion and beauty.

#7 The Oh Wells – Dance With You

The Oh Wells’ Dance With You starts off with a quick little drum roll, which then evolves into a Ska-esque guitar riff. A quick paced song with great harmony, Dance With You is a song that will actually make you want to get up and dance. It has fast parts, slow parts, soft parts, loud parts. My favorite part of the song comes around the 1:36 mark. Sarah has a unique voice which is able to do a kind of squeaky sound on the low notes, which is simply fun to listen to. Great song. Also, check out the interview Sarah did with  Also, maybe go here and help The Oh Wells get a van!

#6 The Jesse Minute – I’m Not Fine

As soon as I heard The Jesse Minute, I was hooked. And I’m Not Fine was immediately one of my favorites.  This is a great song. Kind of a Punk and Rock mix. The bass line throughout is stiff and prominent. The guitars are sharp and scratchy with some pretty neat solo parts. When you add in the vibrant vocals of Missa Hills you get a song that is simply astounding. Her voice is amazing good. I love the range of volumes this song uses, going from quiet, to a little louder, to blaring. If you haven’t heard of these guys by now, you are really missing out. 

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