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Choose, but Choose Wisely…

So here they are.  These are our 3 favorites from all the submissions we got.  They are all quite lovely and they all happened to have a sort of angry look to them.  It just so happens that we are angry with mainstream radio, so we feel these are obviously great choices.

Now it’s your turn to tell us which one is your favorite.  All you have to do is click on A, B, or C in the poll below and then click on “vote”.  It’s that simple!  Be sure to share this page with your friends and let them vote too.  Every visitor gets a total of 1 (one) vote.  Whichever submission receives the most votes will become MarsBands’ new, official mascot and will receive this prize package:

  • No Island‘s album, Sign of the Times, autographed by all the members of the band
  • The Oh Wells EP, Not That Girl From Transformers, two Oh Wells buttons, and a trendy and super useful Oh Wells bag
  • stickers and a T-Shirt featuring the new mascot 

The Prize Package

The voting period will end on March 4th, 2012 at 11:59pm (cst).  You can click on any of these images to see them in their full-size beauty.

We would like to thank all of you who submitted a picture or drawing to us.  We really appreciate your support!  We would also like to express a heartfelt thank you to No Island and The Oh Wells and their fans!

Good luck to our finalists!












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  • Gibsong6

    I feel as if “B” is getting votes in an illegitimate manner. He has been getting a votes in bursts of about 10 or so in a matter of seconds. I think it should be investigated.

    • Mars

      I was questioning a lot of the voting that has been going on, actually, for all the submissions. For the past hour or so I’ve been watching the tallies and seeing if there are any repeat IPs and everything looks normal, though as you pointed out, it does seem to be happening in spurts. The poll is set up to block an IP after it votes, so each person can only vote once.

      The issue might be the program we’re using (the free version of PollDaddy). We’re only allowed 200 “results” per month, and obviously we are way over that. It might be slow to catch up or something.

      I am going back through all the IPs of all the votes so far, so if anything is up, I’ll find out about it.

  • Guest

    how is A winning? it doesnt even look like an alien it looks like a gnat without wings. and B just looks like some kind of monster.

    • Mars

      We liked all these submissions, otherwise we wouldn’t have put them in the final 3. Feel free to vote for one that you like. Thanks for the comment.

  • Guest

    Stumbling upon this, I must say that the body of “A” is subtly the shape of an acoustic guitar, not to mention that the teeth look conveniently like the bridge. Even the antennae look slightly like a guitar neck, it’s perfect.

    • Mars

      An astute observation! Thanks for sharing!

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