Gaga, “you got some ‘splainin’ to do!”

If you wanted to make a list of words to describe Lady Gaga, undoubtedly, that list could become quite long.  At the bottom of the list (for now) go ahead and write “crook?”.

Remember when everybody thought Lady Gaga was so awesome and a wonderful person for trying to help the victims of the earthquake in Japan by selling wristbands?  Ya, me neither.  But apparently she did and according to her accountants, the charity raised 3 million dollars.  But now 1800LAWFIRM (really, that’s the name you decided to go with?) is suing the Gaga do-gooders claiming “the singer violated several federal racketeering and consumer protection laws in promoting and selling the benefit wristbands”.  Additionally, the legal network also alleges that “Gaga and her partner companies overcharged fans on shipping costs in order to inflate reports of total donations”.

Oh no she di’int!

Or did she?


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