Pop Star vs Wanna-Be TV Personality

Uh-Oh.  I feel like the kid standing between their parents when they are fighting.

If you haven’t heard it by now, frontman Adam Levine tweetered to the world, and Fox News specifically,
“…don’t play our music on your evil fucking channel ever again.”  Haha.  And as awesome as that was, Fox News decided to counter with something that really made me stop and think.  No-name-Fox-News-wanna-be-TV-personality (who, apparently, is uber-popular based on his 3am eastern time-slot) Greg Gutfeld tweetered back to Levine saying, “Dear @AdamLevine, don’t make crappy fucking music ever again. Thank you.”

Now, it’s pretty simple to overlook the obvious here, as on the surface it looks like just another simple tweeter-fight where people let their fingers do the talking in 140 characters or less instead of their brains.  But let’s dig a little deeper, because the obvious question I had was, if you’re sticking up for your employer, why would you counter with something like that?  Is he saying that Fox News likes “crappy fucking music”?  I mean, after all, Fox News did decide to use the music.  So on one hand, the nobel and valiant Gutfeld is defending his employer while on the other telling them, ever so subtly, they have “crappy” music taste.

Well played, Gutfeld, well played indeed.

The other thing I’d like to take some time and point out is this:
If Fox News uses Maroon 5’s music again, they are likely to face some kind of “issue” about it.  Perhaps Maroon 5 will threaten a lawsuit or something similar.  But if Levine makes more “crappy fucking music”, what is Gutfeld’s next move?   Is he going to sue Maroon 5 for making music he doesn’t like (but secretly dances to in front of the mirror and jumps up and down to on his bed before going to sleep)?  Or, more likely, issue another scathing tweet?  *Shudders*  While Levine’s “threat” can actually be backed up with some kind of action, Gutfeld’s “threat” has no teeth, and therefore, no bite.

I don’t know about you, but I am super excited to see how this plays out.  My bet’s on the guy with more money… Sorry Greg.

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