Here are links to some things you might find interesting.  I stress the word “might”.

Apparently “?uestlove” doesn’t know what movies are or how stupid his moniker is.  A “movie without visuals”, I can only imagine, would be a box-office flop.  So is he saying the upcoming Roots album is going to suck monkey balls?  Probably.

Kanye West does some shameless self-promoting and shows up to Occupy Wall Street – in full bling.

Adele is so bad her own body is trying to put a stop to her.  I don’t know whether to thank her or hate her.  This needs to happen to Pop-Crap-Stars more often.

Another day another group of once-popular-now-irrelevant bands/artists trying to ride the coattails of a much more powerful and influential U2.

Hide your kids and lock up your crack.  Ozzie says there’s a comeback a’brewin’ for Black Sabbath.  Really?  Someone actually understood something he said?

Most people get locked up for stalking and spying on people, especially when spying on British Royals.  Not the nuttier than squirrel shit Lady Gaga.

Hank Jr. has officially lost his mind.  After calling for a boycott on Fox and Friends because they thought they could have an intelligent conversation with the Redneck, Jr. wants to give it another chance and schedules an appearance on Hannity.  How exciting!  Who will Obama-Hitler get to play golf with next?

Michael Jackson had “several pictures and a poster of babies” in his bedroom.  Ya, that’s perfectly normal and not at all creepy.  Why would anyone have ever thought he was a child molester?

Paul McCartney thinks the third time is the charm.  And, of course, uses his wedding to remind people that he’s not dead yet.

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