Unknown Impurity

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Unknown Impurity
Band Name: Unknown Impurity
Official Website: Band Website
Origin: Rutland, Vermont, United States
Year Formed: 2010
Band Members: Josh Lafave, Justin Burgess, Mattles Haven
Genres: Indie Rock, Rock





The Rundown: Unknown Impurity is a Rock band from Rutland, Vermont.  Honestly, there isn’t a lot of background information I could find at this time and additionally, I couldn’t even get the person who posted the videos of this band on YouTube to answer me.  There are your mega star bands, then your B-List bands, and then your underground bands, and then there’s these guys.  Only the locals would know about them, and I’m lacking in the Vermont contacts.  So here’s my synopsis.

When I first heard this band, I heard the song “Get Away“.  I was floored that that kind of voice was coming out of that person.  To me, these people can’t be much older than 15 or 16 (then again, I’ve always been bad at judging someone’s age just by looking at them), but that singer has the voice of a 1960s/70s Rock god.  After listening to “Get Away” I frantically searched through more of their songs to see if I had just stumbled upon something amazing.  Unfortunately, it would appear, that I had not, and these people are not the musical saviors I had hoped.  However, they still appear to have quite a bit of potential and are still pretty good at rockin’ out.

The other song of theirs that I liked was “Putting Off the End“.  Maybe one day we’ll hear these guys on the radio.  Please note, apparently both guitarists in this band like to sing, but only one of them should – and it’s not the one in red.  The only real criticism I have of these guys (besides letting the guy in red sing) is their stage presence, or lack thereof, which I’m sure in time they will develop.  Nobody wants to see a statue playing guitar.  Move around a little bit, even if it’s just a few steps in either direction.  Bobbing one’s head doesn’t count as moving, either.

MarsBands.com still likes this band and hopes that this isn’t the last we hear from them, as they really look like they are on to something good.  We’ll be sure to check back in on them. 

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Other Songs to Check Out

  • Putting Off the End

Where They Are From

Rutland, VT, USA

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