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Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Band Name: Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Official Website: Band Website
Origin: New York City, New York, United States
Year Formed: 2000
Band Members: Karen Lee Orzolek, Nick Zinner, Brain Chase
Genres: Indie Rock, Rock







The Rundown:  The Yeah Yeah Yeahs are an Indie Rock/Punk band from New York City, New York.  Made up of members Karen Lee Orzolek, Nick Zinner, Brian Chase, and David Pajo (second guitarist for live shows), the Yeah Yeah Yeahs have released three albums: “Fever to Tell” (2003), “Show Your Bones” (2006), and “It’s Blitz!” (2009).  Although the band has never won an award for their music, they have been nominated either times.

The band has three Grammy Nominations for Best Alternative Music Album: Fever to Tell (2004), Show Your Bones (2007), and It’s Blitz! (2010).  In addition, the band has been nominated five times for an MTV Video Music Award.  In 2004 the Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ song, “Maps“, was nominated for Best Art Direction in a Video, Best Editing in a Video, Best Cinematography in a Video, and an MTV2 Award.  In 2009 their song “Heads Will Rollwas nominated for Breakthrough Video.

Lead singer Karen O and Brian Chase met while at Oberlin College in Ohio. After transferring to New York University, Karen met Nick Zinner.  The two became friends and shared a loft in Manhattan with friends who would later become members of the band Metric.  While in Manhattan, Karen and Nick formed an acoustic band called Unitard.  That band didn’t last long, as Karen and Nick soon brought in Brian Chase on drums and formed the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.  In 2001 the band released a self-titled EP and began to receive some attention.

Yes, I know, The Yeah Yeah Yeahs are a little too popular to be showcased on MarsBands.  But at the same time, they aren’t too popular.  They don’t get near the recognition for their amazing sound as other, less talented bands.  These guys rock hard and are largely ignored by the mainstream.   So for that reason, they shall stay.

The Yeah Yeah Yeah’s are a great band with a unique sound.  The arty band incorporates Rock, Punk, and several other various genres into their songs (most notably, Jazz) which keeps them on the cutting edge of new music.  You could easily make the case that this band is too big and too well known to be on this site, but despite how well known they are, I don’t think they get near the respect they deserve.  Many of their great songs like “Maps” and “Gold Lion” are pretty well known, but many of their lesser known great songs are largely ignored, like “Heads Will Roll“, “Y Control“, “Down Boy“, “Kiss Kiss“, “Let Me Know“, and “Honeybear“. gives our full support to the Yeah Yeah Yeahs because even though they are amazingly good and moderately well known, they are still underdogs against mainstream radio. 

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