The Decoys

Band Info
The Decoys
Band Name: The Decoys
Official Website: Band Website
Origin: St. Charles, MO, USA
Year Formed: 2011
Band Members: Aliya Rose and Nick Fann
Genres: Indie, Pop Punk

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The Decoys Background Info

Starting out in 2009 as “Infidelity” Nick and Aliya were determined to get into the music scene. With catchy choruses and their synth/guitar combo in place, the pair did just that. After a year of recording and performing “Infidelity” went on hiatus for several reasons.  Mostly because both members were much too busy with that stupid thing called life.

© 2011 cbarnesphotography

But now, in 2011, they rejoin the world of music as “The Decoys” and hope to bring the power of melody to the local scene. (via ReverbNation bio)

MarsBands Review

To sum it up quickly, The Decoys are a less spooky, Poppier, more  harmony driven version of The Kills.  Like The Kills, the music is more about making sounds that are pleasing to the ear rather than your typical music structure.  That probably needs some clarification.  The Decoys focus on sounds, synth, riffs, repetition, etc. to build their songs rather than trying to build a typical song with all the bells and whistles.  Aliya’s voice is the driving force of their music, whereas Nick’s guitar riffs simply provide some melodic backing.

The Decoys have a bit of a raw sound, quite similar to The Kills, which is something I greatly enjoy.  It really is just a collection of sounds that they have been able to turn into something that sounds fantastic.  Aliya has a strong voice which is more than capable of carrying a song.  And when you add in the hypnotic guitar riffs from Nick, the songs take on a life of their own.

One bit of constructive criticism, though – forget the autotune stuff.  For a very brief moment in “Tune Me Out”, Aliya’s voice goes all wavey, autotuney.

Now, unfortunately, they only have 2 songs to listen to, but after hearing those two songs, I am a little more than intrigued.  In fact, I’m pretty excited to hear more from them.  If you’d like to have a listen, feel free to check out their music below.

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Where They Are From

St Charles, MO, USA

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