Joy Zipper

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Joy Zipper
Band Name: Joy Zipper
Official Website: Band Website
Origin: Long Island, New York, USA
Year Formed: 1999
Band Members: Tabitha Tindale and Vicent Cafiso
Genres: Indie, Indie Pop, Pop









The Rundown:  Joy Zipper, an Indie Pop band from Long Island, New York, made up of Tabitha Tindale and Vincent Cafiso, got started in 1999.  Joy Zipper’s song, “Baby You Should Know” has been featured on The O.C., and “Go Tell the World” was featured in an ad for Nike and in an episode of Grey’s Anatomy.  Joy Zipper has released 4 LPs:

Joy Zipper (Bar/None Records) (2000)
American Whip (2003)
The Stereo and God (mini-album, 2004)
The Heartlight Set (2005)

Sure it happens to the best of us, but when I stumble across a band that is this amazing, I actually want someone to kick me in the ass for not finding them sooner.  Fortunately, I don’t have much of a life and, therefore, watch a lot of TV.  And fortunately, in this instance, TV is mostly commercials nowadays.  And, even more fortunately, I happened to see a commercial which contained a song that made me look up from my drag car racing game on my phone and hit the rewind button on the ol’ DVR.  And to finish off my extreme fortune, I have Shazam installed on my phone (as any music connoisseur should) and was able to find the creator of the amazing music I was hearing.

One of the influences for Joy Zipper is The Breeders, which is pretty evident in some of their songs.  To add to that sound, I often find myself thinking of Tracy Bonham’s album, The Burdens of Being Upright, when I listen to Joy Zipper.  Wonderfully, fuzzily distorted guitars accompanied by stiff drum beats, some harmony and slightly creepy vocals.  And one of the the great things about this band is the lyrics.  I tend to be a fan of lyrics that are slightly “out there” and aren’t necessarily straight-forward or easily deciphered.

Even though Joy Zipper has been around since the late 90s, I still feel like I just found a diamond in the rough.  My two favorite songs are 1 and Postcards, but you may find others you like. strongly urges you to explore Joy Zipper further if you like good music.


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