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MarsBands Caption Contest

Ever find yourself wanting to buy some awesome new music but you just don’t have the money?  MarsBands wants to help you out.

Each month (starting sometime this month) MarsBands will post a picture on our website.  All you have to do is write a funny caption for the picture in the comments section below the picture.  We’ll review the comments and decide which one we think is the funniest.  The winner will receive a $10 Amazon MP3 Gift Card courtesy of MarsBands.  To make it even more fun, we’ll immortalize each monthly winner on our MarsBands Caption Contest Hall of Fame Page.  It’s that simple.  Pretty cool, right?  The fun doesn’t end there!

After we’ve picked our monthly winner, we’ll share the photo with the winner’s caption on our Facebook page.  You will have until we start the next month’s Caption Contest to tell your friends to “Like” the picture we shared.  After 12 months we’ll take the three pictures with the most “Likes”, choose which one we like the most, and give that person a special prize.  Only the “Likes” on the picture we share on our page will count.  If you share the picture and it gets “Likes”, sorry, those won’t count.

Keep an eye on our Facebook page and on our Twitter feed to find out when we post our picture!

Check out this month’s picture!

A Few Details

To be eligible for the contest, you must

1) “Like” MarsBands on Facebook.  If you haven’t already done so, you can do so by going here.
If you haven’t “Liked” us, you can’t win, no matter how funny your caption is.

2) Go to and look at the picture we posted.

3) Come up with a super funny, clever, witty, sarcastic, poignant, etc., caption for our picture and post it as a comment.
(Try not to be too crude – and absolutely NO hatespeech of ANY kind towards ANYBODY)

4) Wait for us to choose our favorite.

After we’ve chosen our favorite caption, we’ll contact you via the email you use when you leave your comment.  So if you really want to win, make sure you use a real email address – otherwise we won’t be able to contact you.

We will NEVER share, give away, spam or sell your email or information to ANYONEEVER!

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